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Battery use general knowledge:
1、Read carefully instruction before using
2、Take out batteries from appliance if they would not use for a long time
4、Charge fully before use
6、Use original factory or good reputation brand charger and follow instructions ,Otherwise, would damage battery, even danger
7、Do not charge with different capacity batteries at one time, unless the charger with own watch or inspector
8、Charge and recharge for 3 times to reach the best state, when firstly use or store for a long time.
9、When charging it would be a little hot, after charge fully, would turn to be normal
10、It is not the longest, the best for charge , the more longest, the worst for charge ,please stop charge after charge fully if without protection, otherwise, would influence batteries’ performance as a result of fever hardly or over hot
11、Do not place battery on high temperature or chilliness conditions. Neither placing batteries are in car dog days under isolation; nor taking then in air-condition rooms blowing directly with cool air. It is the best to charge without anything covered under room temperature.
12、It is the best to charge using specific socket. Do not share with other household electric power appliances, such as TV set.
13、 Leave batteries in clear, dry place
14、Keep two terminal of battery and charger tank clear. Clean with dry cloth
15、 It is time to change when performance letting down hardly
16、 Keeping children’s away. If misfortune swallows down, see doctor at once.
17、Do not be of mixed usage with different kind or brand batteries.
18、 Do not disassemble, short circuit or dispose of in fire
19、 Do not drop battery or needless shake
20、 Neither place batteries without package in pocket, nor together with metal things, such as coins, nip clips or hair pins, in order to avoid short circuit.
21、 Using mobile phone when phone battery charging is dangerous for your life, once someone calls in, maybe bring moment current caused PCB hot,then damage appliance set